ExCellThera Solution

ExCellThera’s lead solution, ECT-001, is based on the combination of two core technologies: a proprietary small molecule (see videos on the award-winning discovery of this molecule at bottom) and an optimized culture system.

ECT-001 has several key advantages:

  • Rapid expansion of hematopoietic stem cells. This is the only solution that provides enhanced engraftment and long-term immune system reconstitution from small, single cord blood units, making it possible to use better HLA matched cord blood units that are currently not suitable for transplantation.
  • Lower manufacturing costs, made possible by a short, 7-day manufacturing time (2x faster than the shortest competing solution) and small culture volumes .
  • A central, automated and robust production process for easy adoption by transplant centres that can also be adapted for the expansion of bone marrow or mobilized peripheral blood stem cells.
  • Production of large amounts of immune-active dendritic cells with potential Graft vs. Tumor effect to reduce incidence of remission.