Clinical Trials

ECT-001 Clinical Trials

ECT-001.001 Phase I/II Clinical Trial – for blood malignancies

  • Initiated in Canada in 2016 with approval by Health Canada.
  • 25 patients in total treated under the supervision of Dr. Sandra Cohen.
  • Single expanded cord blood transplant.
  • Primary objectives: feasibility, safety, dose-reduction and clinical efficacy of ECT-001 in patients in need of a blood stem cell transplant and who lack a suitable HLA-matched donor.
  • Full trial details found here.
  • Results show significant reduction in treatment-related morality, disease relapse and chronic graft-vs-host-disease.

ECT-001.003 Phase I/II Clinical Trial – for multiple myeloma

  • Initiated in Canada in 2018 with approval by Health Canada.
  • 10-20 patients in total. As of May 2018, 2 patients began treatment under the supervision of Dr. Jean Roy.
  • Single expanded cord blood transplant in patients with multiple myeloma
  • Primary objectives: safety, feasibility and clinical efficacy.
  • Enrollment to be completed by end Q2 2019.
  • Full details found here.
  • Read the media release announcing the launch of the trial.

ECT-001 Commercialization Strategy

  • Complete phase I/II clinical trials and document safety and efficacy (2018-2019)
  • Pivotal phase III clinical trial (begins in 2019)
  • Regulatory approval (2022)
  • Potential for accelerated time to market for orphan diseases (2020-2021)

ExCellThera’s game-changing solution integrates easily into the current treatment paradigm and demonstrates obvious clinical benefit and reduced patient morbidity in patients with malignant hematological disorders, including potential enhanced graft vs. tumor (GVT) and anti-viral effects related to the massive production of innate immune cell precursors.

ECT-001 opens new avenues for immuno-oncology indications and is expected to provide major benefits to patients, healthcare providers, and reimbursement authorities.